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AA“Doctors love to patronize and dominate. Their arrogance and indifference to the philosophy of informed consent is widely known. Surprisingly, most residents and doctors in teaching public hospitals tacitly endorse such reservations against information sharing. To most of them getting informed consent is a needless nuisance, to be delegated to a raw resident whose sole responsibility is to get the patient’s signature on the dotted line.”

— Issues in Medical Ethics,  2000

They were trying to cajole the catheter back into its sheath, but it was tugging right back, like they’d hooked a five pound bass. A nurse noted here that the  “patient is waking and moving around, with chest pain @ 7/10.”

They wrangled for about 45 minutes, but the catheter would not give, so they called in an expert, Jeff Brinker, who apparently decided to just roll the bones and give the catheter a good hard yank… 

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